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06 October 2009 @ 05:35 pm
community rules and guidelines  


THIS COMMUNITY HAS OPEN MEMBERSHIP, meaning anyone can join and post once they join. Because posts do not have to be approved before submission, please READ and FOLLOW these rules before posting:

1.) ALL NEW MEMBERS are recommended to submit an introductory post with a small questionnaire about themselves along with the link to their tumblog. It is recommended that you include a photo of yourself and/or a screen capture of your blog. The purpose of this is to include ALL members in a permanent MEMBER DIRECTORY so it can be easier to find new blogs.

!IMPORTANT: When making the introductory post, please place the words "new member" in the tag. This will save me the trouble of going back to edit it later.

!NOTE: After submitting a new member application, you can still promote your tumblog in the future.
EVERY NEW MEMBER POST MUST, AND I REPEAT, MUST BE MADE BEHIND AN LJ CUT. You will be warned to place it behind a cut or it will be deleted.

2.) SHAMELESS PROMOS are accepted, but if they are plugged excessively (i.e., 3 or more times a week) they will be deleted. If it continues, that member will be banned. This clogs up the community and quite frankly, it is unnecessary.

3.) WHEN PROMOTING YOUR TUMBLOG, please tell us about it! What do you like to post? How often do you update? etc. Please just don't leave a link to your blog and be done with it. A small description, consisting of a sentence or two, is better than nothing at all.

4.) IF YOUR TUMBLOG CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT, such as nudity, excessive swearing, and sexual innuendo, please specify this when posting your link. This may offend members of both LiveJournal and Tumblr if they are not warned, and to avoid any unnecessary discomfort, please make it clear that your blog contains adult content.

5.) WHEN POSTING MORE THAN ONE PHOTO, OR ONE LARGE PHOTO, please place all other photos behind an LJ cut! It is very simple. If you do not know what an LJ cut is, VIEW THE TUTORIAL HERE. Otherwise they will be deleted.

6.) IF POSTING NUDITY OR OTHER INAPPROPRIATE PHOTOS, please place them behind an LJ cut with a WARNING. Again, this may offend members. Absolutely NO pornography is allowed. I have low tolerance for pornography and the entry will be deleted and the member will be BANNED, no exceptions.

7.) YOU MAY USE TAGS in your entries to better organize your posts, but please keep them broad, not specific. If I find the tag to be unnecessary and inappropriate, I will change it.
Example: when posting a photo from Flickr, you may place the word "Flickr" as a tag.

8.) CREDIT IS STRICTLY REQUIRED. When posting a photo from your tumblog that you favor, PLEASE specify where you found it and/or who the photographer is, etc. If you do not, others will automatically assume that the photo belongs to you and if the creator sees it WITHOUT credit, they will be angry. This will avoid problems, so please, if you do not know where you found the image and cannot specify SOME kind of credit (even credit the tumblog on which you found it!) you should not post it.



Please submit them here, or contact me VIA private message.
me_toria: Geekme_toria on April 8th, 2010 01:09 am (UTC)
Hi i have some questions that i am finding it hard to get my head around.
I joined tumblr tonight and it looks really good and i want to get the most out of it.

But i'm having a couple of issues.
1. How do i know if it's a personal blog or a group.

2. how do i, if i can search for groups.

3. how do people post to groups? Do they send it to the person who made the group (where it says submit and then they approve?)

I don't know if I'm thinking too much like LJ as i have been a LJ member for forever, but if you could help i'd really appreciate it as i can't find the answers on the internet :(
Megangirlwithradio on April 8th, 2010 03:08 am (UTC)
I will try my best to explain. :)

1) Most tumblogs are personal tumblogs. They don't have "community" type accounts like LiveJournal where anyone can join and post. However, there are tons of fan blogs that have collections of different things, from foods to actual people (for example, the tumblog http://fuckyeahhlove.tumblr.com is a collection of anything to do with love and anyone can submit photos or quotes to it).

2) It may be hard to search for group blogs since there are so little, but a good place to start searching for any type of blog is by using the Tumblr Directory (http://www.tumblr.com/directory)

3) You may have groups confused with fansites. Many fansites (usually beginning with "fuckyeah") allow anyone to submit posts, but sometimes they won't say who submitted them unless you give yourself credit within the post. While there ARE groups on Tumblr, where members can sign up to be a part of one large blog, I haven't seen many, so I can't give you much insight there. However, they are much different from LJ communities. 95% of tumblogs are owned by one person and allow other users to kind of CONTRIBUTE to their blog, in a sense.

I also recommend following the Staff blog (http://staff.tumblr.com) for updates, they are very helpful!

Hope this helps!
me_toriame_toria on April 8th, 2010 12:54 pm (UTC)
Ahhhh thanks!! That makes things much clearer! I think I was looking at it from the wrong direction!
I'll have to have a little play with it I think :)
some One pointed me to it via fuckyeahholmes so I sorta assumed there were lots like that.

Thank you again. It was really helpful!! :) I think I get it now!!!